Hello world!

Three Brothers

Hello Everyone!

I am hoping you will find this blog entertaining, humorous, practical, insightful and perhaps for at least one person, allow you to feel like you are not alone in the wonderful world.

My name is Amanda. I am a Mother of 4 lovely boys ages 5 yrs to 7 months.

Our oldest son has been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. I hope that many of your reading this may know what this is. I would enjoy sharing our experiences with others that might find our sharing useful in gaining more insight into their own experiences.

I see my son as a great gift. Perhaps more of a gift because of his uniqueness.

We are the family on the corner. Grow with us as we trip, skip and fumble through life with great laughter and love.

Welcome  to our adventure!



2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I would like to follow your blog. I do not know how to do that. I am a mother to 2. Lyvia age 5 and Hayden age 3. Hayden was dx at 14 months with ASD. Just as you said about Lincoln, Hayden developed “normal”. He was born at 37 wks. His weight was a healthy weight, he had trouble making filling his diaper in the hospital, was jaundice, would not suck to nurse and did not pass his newborn hearing screen. After we got home he learned to nurse a little bit but ultimately I pumped and fed him from a bottle. He overcame the jaundice also. My husband stayed home with our kids for about 15 months. Hayden was rolling over at 3 months..eating cereal and homemade baby food by 6 months. He crawled for a few weeks and walked by 8 months. He would not stay in a highchair or his crib..he would climb out of both. He did babble just like his older sister did. At his first birthday he was saying momma, dadda, babba..just like he was supposed to right? It was not long after that when we noticed changes in his behavior. He was aggressive when he played. His attention for things were not long. He was obsessed with turning off and on lights, tv, water faucets, toilet flushing..he stopped babbling and completely stopped making sounds..he would point at something and would say da. Da was everything. We had always signed with both of our kids and noticed Hayden was signing for everything. He stopped wanting to eat things he enjoyed. His sleep was getting interrupted, he would wake up crying like having a nightmare and we would find him rocking on all fours banging his head at the end of his crib. This happened 3-4 times a week. We would find him playing in the hall way and would stop suddenly and be banging his head on the wall. Around this time my husband went back to work so we took our kids to an in home daycare. The woman happened to have experience in autism. We decided to take him to a neuro when the head banging was happening at her home as well. The doctor dx him with ASD. Gave us resources to start therapy. In our state there is state funding for kids with LD, called First Steps. So I started there. A speech therapist came to our home and within five minutes said there was no way he was autistic because he would follow 2 step directions, he played well with his sister and parents and grandparents. I was worried that we were going to get the door shut in our face. But when she tested him on his speech she found that he did not even make the cut for his age. So we started with speech. When the therapy started (with a different person) she noticed he had some sensory issues and that got us an OT eval. When the OT eval came and she noticed different issues with Hayden including motor control, that got us PT. When we all came together to set up goals for Hayden, they noticed the behavior that I had been explaining to them. That got us Developmental Therapy aka Behavior therapy. Now fast forward a few months. Improvement. He was putting words together with pictures. Instead of head banging he was jumping off the couch, chair, steps, jumping on a trampoline.He had huge separation anxiety from age 6 months and it continues still today. My husband and I joined parenting classes through our church as well as through local groups. We have been taught ways to help our son but we still are not there yet. First Steps phases kids out of their program at 2 1/2 so we had to get an eval from the school. They tested him with my daughter in the room with him..they found he did meet the educational standards for our state but based upon professional judgement he would need speech therapy. That was in April. I can understand my son about 60 % of the time. My husband understands even less (I stay home with my son now). Kids my sons age and older do not understand him. Other adults do not understand him..probably 10% at most. He still has violent outburst. His toys turn into weapons. He enrolled him into preschool even though he was not ready. He started in August. We pulled him out after 3 wks because of his separation anxiety, the new environment change, and the communication part. He is now getting more speech from our local children’s hospital and we have an OT eval in October.
    I was happy to find your blog. Everything you write about Lincoln reminds me of Hayden. Even your trips to the library. I also have found that telling Hayden too much ahead of time our where we are going/what we are doing is not beneficial sometimes just as not telling him frustrating too. This morning he had speech at the hospital and he did not cry for me or throw a fit..I guess I timed telling him ahead of time correctly. Yesterday we had church at a different location and it was outdoors..His behavior was horrible. He threw his food and kicked over a chair..did I say he is only 3. I am so worried for him but at the same time I do not want to medicate him yet. Our neuro said we could try but I am so afraid of the side effects that he might have or him changing for the worse..Thanks for listening!

    • HI!

      Right at the top of the blog there is a orange “subscribe” on the right hand side of screen, under is entries -click on this to sign up to blog.

      Thank you soooo very much for sharing.

      Being a parent of a child is challenging, but add in a child with ASD and it seems at times impossible. I try to be positive, and I love my son very, very, much, but at times it is so difficult.

      It sounds like you have done everything you can to help Hayden and I can say from our experience (of course every case is different) as LIncoln aged and matured he got better, more flexible, more chatty, more social, and easier to work with.

      He has just started grade one and is really flourishing! He goes all day, everyday, he is paticipating in activities he just wouldn’t of last year and in more imaginative and interactive ways.

      Just like you did with his trampoline, it seems like if we find a more acceptable way to help with sensory issues, or anxiety the better things get.

      3 years is a challenging age for anyone! My three year old gives me a run for my money most days and he is typical developing!! I won’t even mention my 20 month old (LOL)

      Give him time, lots of love, and give yourself a break and I think you will find things will get better. It is a hard road, and sometimes it seems fruitless, but it all pays off 🙂

      I’d be really happy if you keep in touch. It is nice to hear from other parents about thier amazing kids!

      Best to you,


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